This post will look at how we collaborated through weeks 5 and 6 in the lead up to completing the Concept Presentation in which we had to speak for 4 minutes showing 20 slides.


We met up as a group at all in class studio sessions and utilised emails and Dropbox to get the presentation finalised for week 6. This was one difficulty we had. It was hard to find a time to suit everyone because we all had other commitments. To overcome this, from looking at Vanessa Miemis blog, emergent by design, I believe that our team followed the synchronized type of team. We all shared the same vision of designing a successful, aesthetically pleasing and interactive PARK(ing) Day.


Synchronized: project success dependent on shared vision and common values. effectiveness requires full commitment by all members to a sufficiently complex vision of mission and methods of group

Miemis discusses that a degree of diversity is useful in teams for collaboration. However, too much diversity can create issues in creating collaborative environments and facilitating convergence in order to produce results. I believe our team worked well together because we had the right blend of skills – technical, graphical, business, problem-solving, decision-making, experience and interpersonal.


I also investigated Robin Sharma’s How to Build a Winning Team – 5 Best Team Building Pactices in which he outlined the following:


  • Appreciation (thank you and words of encouragement)
  • Belonging
  • Develop Talent
  • Celebration
  • Communicate a compelling purpose

I implemented this theory into our emails and verbal discussions in the lead up to PARK(ing) Day as our site will require the participation of all members to attract and encourage member’s of the public to take part of our event.  I wanted to ensure al members of our group had enthusiasm for our upcoming event and to ensure we continued to come together as a group.


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