I am a third year Interior Design student studying at Queensland University of Technology and throughout the second semester of 2011, I have participated in the subject of DEB601 Collaborative Design. The purpose of the Collaborative Design subject is to explore theory and skills of when a group of people come together to achieve a goal1. The reason Queensland University of Technology implemented this subject within the Design Faculty is that the very nature of the design disciplines –  Industrial Design, Landscape Design, Architecture and Interior Design – require team building and project management to produce outcomes.


This blog analyses the process and outcome of our Collaborative Design group’s adventure of planning and implementing PARK(ing) Day as our shared end goal.


I have started this blog to analyse and explain my experiences of collaboration.  I will achieve this by


  • At each stage of collaboration, I will analyse the team process
  • I will diagnose and reflect on the difficulties and successes
  • Evaluation of individuals of the team in relation to discipline
  • I will relate our group collaboration style to theories


Our goal for this collaboration experience was to design a park for PARK(ing) Day 2011.


Collaboration is the act of working with another or other on a joint project.

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